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How it works

How it works

We're here to help you learn more about our Yurts and to support you throughout the purchase process. To begin please look through our website and Youtube video Channel. When you are ready please proceed as follows:

  1. Please fill in our online enquiry form and answer the questions regarding your requirements (see link below). One of our team will contact you soon to discuss your project and your requirements. If needed we can arrange an onsite visit to inspect and measure your site.

  2. If you are happy to proceed we will prepare a detailed quote for you. This will details your Yurt’s design, materials, what is included, what isn’t included, delivery dates, contractuals and pricing.

  3. When you are ready to proceed just let us know and pay your 10% deposit.

  4. You’ll need to confirm your council and planning approval requirements.

  5. We can help you arrange a draftsman to prepare the plans for your project. These drawing will be necessary for planning approval. The draftsman will bill you for these directly.

  6. Once planning approval is received we will start building your Yurt. Payment of 50% must be received prior to starting construction.

  7. Final payment of the remaining 40% must be received on completion of manufacture in factory and before your Yurt leaves our factory.

  8. Once the final payment is received we will proceed with shipping and erecting your Yurt where applicable.

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